Right, so I did predictions for Round 1 of the World Snooker Championship last week, and I hope you read it. If you didn’t, why are you reading this? Anyway, I will now give predictions for Round 2, which is like Round 1, except with half the players, and even more snooker to be played (probably).

Firstly, I did quite well in the predictions for Round 1. As I write this, Judd Trump leads Chris Wakelin 8-7, so I cannot say if I got that prediction correct. However, I got 10/15 for the others. Therefore, I will only be predicting 7 matches, as oppose to 8. Here we go:

Joe Perry vs. Mark Allen: I have deliberately not seen the score of this match thus far. Perry was impressive against Mark Selby in Round 1, and Mark Allen had to fight to beat Liam Highfield, so both players will be up for this.

Joe is a very classy player, but hasn’t had the greatest of results since reaching the final of the Top 16 shootout the Masters in 2017. Mark on the other hand won the Masters this year, and I have him edging this one.

Prediction: Mark Allen, 13-11

Kyren Wilson vs. Jamie Jones

One of those which is pretty much an open and shut case for me. Jamie looked ambitious against Shaun Murphy, and knocked in a lot of chances that were left for him, hence him scraping through.

And therein lies the reason I don’t have him winning: Kyren is a different kettle of fish. He is very good tactically, and I’m not convinced Jamie will get 13 chances to win. Jamie may be better from long-range, but Kyren won’t leave him the chances.

Prediction: Kyren Wilson, 13-6

John Higgins vs. Jack Lisowski

Are you surprised about LIsowski winning? I’m not. He played very well and scored extremely heavily against a former World Champion. And now he faces another one.

Higgins had to work VERY hard against Thepchiya (sorry if I spelt his name wrong) Un-Nooh, and that is the worst thing that Lisowski could have wanted. Higgins has his game where he needs it. I see a similar match to Higgins and Un-Nooh, maybe without the planking on the table.

Winner: John Higgins, 13-9

Ding Junhui vs. Anthony McGill: How Ant beat Ryan Day I will never know. He was the worse player for a majority of the match, but the fact he won will give him confidence.

Ding’s never lost to McGill in 3 meetings, but this is a much longer format. However, Ant will have to really up his game to even challenge Ding, the way he played in Sess 2 against Xiao.

WInner: Ding Junhui, 13-6

Lyu Haotian vs. Barry Hawkins: Never back against Barry Hawkins in Round 2. Lyu played well against Marco Fu, but how well did he need to play?  Barry beat Stuart Carrington, but the standard was pretty dreadful in the second session. As I say though, don’t back against Barry.

Winner: Barry Hawkins, 13-4

Mark Williams vs. Robert Milkins: It’s the “we don’t like the surname Robertson” society. They met in the World Championships before. It ended very badly for Milkins. Willo was generally pretty good against Jimmy Robertson, who did give him a degree of help.

Milkins was his scrappy self against Neil Robertson, but Neil was frankly dreadful and deserved to lose. Williams is too good tactically to let Milkins in close enough for significant breaks.

Winner: Mark Williams, 13-3

Ronnie O’Sullivan vs. Ali Carter: Carter has an abysmal record against Ronnie (who doesn’t? Other than Elliot Slessor!), and even though he showed his graft against Dott, and however nice it would be to see Carter win again, I just don’t believe it will happen.

Winner: Ronnie O’Sullivan, 13-7

I’ll be back in a few days for the Last 8



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