I haven’t posted for a while, because I have been considering the future of this blog. I came to the decision that while I enjoy commenting on Snooker, doing reviews and all the rest, I have to focus my piece of the internet on one particular area. And that is writing.

Writing is my one true release. It is the place in which I can keep my mind active, and embrace my creative side while having an outlet to express it at the same time. So if you want my Snooker reviews, I apologise, but am considering starting another blog dedicated to that. And I am open to doing game reviews in the future.

So that’s all for this post. I will continue to write my fanfiction stories, and I will not only update you on the progress of my storytelling and the joy and art of writing, I will also keep updating you on my new secret project: Project Spire. If you want to know what Project Spire is, I’m going to tell you now.

Because I write fanfiction (which I am mighty proud about), I am taking the next step, and looking to self-publish my own commercial novel. This will take shape in stages.

Stage 1: Basic plan – throw ideas at a wall (word document),  and see what sticks. Start with the basic ideas (who is the main character(s), what are they trying to achieve, how do they look to achieve this).

Stage 2: Framework: Build a plot around the basic plan. Fill in the blanks and work out who the supporting characters are, as well as finalising the aims of the characters.

Stage 3:  Fill in the Details:  Give everyone characteristics. Put faces to the names.  What makes them important.  Why do you care about them? What is the desired reaction?

Stage 4:  Write the novel:  Once the plan is complete, write the story itself. Draft and redraft, change any details which necessitate change, but stick to the plan where possible and update the plan where not.

Stage 5: Proof-read: Once the novel is complete,  read over it to check it makes sense. is everything spelt correctly? Are all character details consistent? Is there progress in the plot? If the answer to all this is yes, go to publishing.

Stage 6:  Aesthetics: Design the front and back covers. They have to be eye-catching, while reflecting the content. Make people interested enough to want to buy it. People buy with their eyes:  they will not buy unless they like the look.  Design the blurb, making sure that it is a synopsis of the plot, while not giving away much, keep people intrigued without telegraphing the end result.

Stage 7:  Dummy Run:  Have a few copies published for myself and a few trusted friends. Ask for their honest opinion: does the story flow, what do they feel reading it,  is the content easy enough to read while being engaging? Is it suitable for the target audience? This is the chance to get active feedback and change anything which is “imperfect”.

Stage 8: Publish: Make a final (certain) draft,  and then have it published, and hope people read and enjoy. And then get the next chapter ready, going through the same format.

I will keep people updated on Project Spire (hopefully every week!), so everyone can see how events are progressing. If you have any questions, find me on Twitter @PhiltheRenegade. Until next time, remember: the sky is the limit of your ambitions. It’s up to you how far away the sky is.

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