Right, this is my first update on Project Spire. If you are reading this and don’t know what Project Spire is, you do realise you can just read my last entry? If you don’t want to though, Project Spire is my aim to become a full-fledged author.

Now I must make one thing clear: this is not my ultimate career choice. This is just a side project, I have no intention of becoming an author as a career. Therefore, not all my time is focused on this.

As such, there is no active timescale for the completion of this. I will aim to get it complete as quickly as possible, but obviously I have fanfiction, I am starting a voluntary post soon working with people who have disabilities, and I have various other projects in the pipeline. But anyway, let’s get on with the update!

Project Spire Week 1

To start off with, progress was slow. I came into this with little, other than a vague idea of some recurring themes in the story. I first had to come up with the basic framework – who the main characters are, what they fight for, why they fight for it etc.

I also had to come up with a plot. There is no story unless you have a plot, a reason for people to actually read it. In the end, I chose a faux espionage plot, because it’s different from anything I have ever written before.

Therefore, as a start, I have most of the basic plot, the main characters (names as yet undecided), and I have a basic idea, which is building an army using black magic and force of character, as well as the blurb for the eventual novel.

If this isn’t making a great deal of sense at the moment, I am unsurprised. At the start, it doesn’t always make a lot of sense, due to you having to fill in gaps and coming up with different ideas at different times.

I have also been looking around for an illustrator to prepare the front cover for me, with no success as of yet. If you are, or know someone who is capable of preparing high-quality full-body pictures (preferably including anime pictures), please send me a link on twitter @PhiltheRenegade.

I will be back sometime next week to update on any more progress. If I’m not, that means there hasn’t been any significant progress. Until next time, All for the Renegades!

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