Hi, not been here for a while, just an announcement about Project Spire. If you don’t remember, I don’t blame you, Project Spire is my plan to write my own novel, completely separate to my fanfictions.

Scheduling and ideas issues have lead to Project Spire to be entrenched in the planning stages in recent months. I am considering different ideas, but there is going to be nothing significant in the near future probably.

Therefore, this blog will become more of a general writing blog again. I will be sharing my views on writing, some of my stories, and any updates on my ambitions.

Please note that in no way is this me giving up on my dreams to have my own novel. Rather, it is an admission that I underestimated the challenges of completely fabricating an entire universe of my own creation. It will happen. It’s more of a not now. I am hoping to resume the planning in the coming days.

Also, I will be adding sporting content in the coming days: Snooker. I did predictions for the Snooker World Championships in April, but had to stop after the second round as I was revising for exams in early May. Thankfully I breezed through the exams, and am now preparing for University Year 2.

The snooker content will be opinions of mine on various news subjects, as well as predictions and previews for the major tournaments: Champion of Champions, UK Championship, Masters, and World Championships.

That’s all for now, until next time folks.

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